DuncanAfter searching for a kooikerhondje puppy for about a year we were able to purchase Duncan from Rosewood Kennels. Duncan is almost two years old. He has attended dog obedience classes and he is semi active, enjoys playing frisbee, and fetching dog toys. Duncan does not meet the standard for kooikers so we decided not to breed him.
DaisyDaisy is the youngest member of our Kooiker family She is now nine months old.  Tosca is her Mom and I-Ron (Beckstead) is her Dad.  She is currently taking puppy classes for manners.  She is an active puppy and plays well with Duncan.  Tosca still plays "Mom" and always has Daisy's safely  in mind.  We hope to breed Daisy next year.


A year passed and we decided it would be nice to have another kookier. The search began again and this time it ended with getting Tosca, a female from Rod Beckstead, who is the Past President of the Kooikerhondje Club USA.

Tosca Tosca is within the standard, and she has passed the health requirements set by the breeders’ code of ethics to breed. Therefore we are planning in breeding her the next time she comes into heat which should be approximately June 2013. We plan on breeding her with Rod Beckstead’s male kooiker I-Ron who is a champanion. Tosca is almost three years old. She’s a little laid back compared to Duncan, but she is the first to let us know someone is driving in or at the door.